Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world. ~Bruno Barbey


Kim Is…
A dreamer, a traveler and lover of rusty things. She’s also a mediocre yoga practitioner with a snarky sense of humor.

Kim’s Story…
Kim grew up in Michigan where she still resides. As a kid, her father loved nothing better than to take summer road trips throughout the United States. Although Kim tried her best to act bored in the backseat of the car, the ever-changing scenery and sense of discovery left a lasting impression on her. As a result, capturing images to create memories of her experiences became a passion early on.

Kim dabbles in many creative pursuits from painting to jewelry making, but thanks to her dad, her love of photography and travel have always held a special place in her heart. Speaking of matters of the heart, she got her first “grown-up” 35mm camera while on her honeymoon – purchased as a wedding gift for her by none other than her very own Mr. Wright.

In the years since, Kim and her husband have wandered the world; fortunate to have explored some pretty amazing destinations. She believes experiencing new sights and sounds for the first time opens the mind, charges the spirit and enhances the magic of picture making.

Shooting landscapes, architecture, and nature are some of her favorite subjects. Kim has an unexplainable fascination with worn-out buildings, lopsided barns, rusty industrial “stuff” and graffiti. There’s also something about old doors and windows that draw her in – perhaps it’s the mystery of what’s on the other side.

Since she has never quite figured out what to do with people in her shots, you will notice that they tend to be conspicuously absent from her work.

Most recently, Kim has discovered urban exploring and has spent some time visiting and photographing the many abandoned buildings of Detroit. These buildings are eerily quiet and hauntingly beautiful and in their decaying silence speak volumes as to the challenges of this shrinking city working hard to make a comeback.

Now you know a bit about Kim, please take the time to experience how she sees our amazing world by viewing her galleries.